Platform and Course Features.

- Interactive content

Our courses use a range of interactive content that allows users to engage with the materials. 

With this new eLearning technology, content can be presented in an interactive way, including animations, videos, reading materials, screencasts and responsive questions and answers. These courses have been developed for those who want to understand the subject matter objectives and practicality, and how that can be translated within their own organisation. Each course provides an overview of the structure and terminology, detailed requirements, purpose and intent of the materials, as well as tips and guides for adoption.

- Quizzes and final exams

Many of our courses require the completion of a final exam,  our system allows us to set a question pool with randomised questions and answers to ensure that users are unable to copy the answers. We allow users 2 attempts at the exam should they find they are struggling they can retake the course before re-attempting the exam. We also have stages quizzes through some courses to help in preparation for the final exam. 

- Customisable interface

Our theme is set so that users can make custom changes to their account to better suit their needs.

- Mobile Application

The platform is available using a Mobile App available in the App Store or Google Play. the app allows content to be downloaded to the device so that it can be run offline so as to not use up your mobile data allowance. 

Moodle AppSimply Search for the Moodle App.

Last modified: Saturday, 6 January 2018, 9:34 PM