IA induction series - Module 109

109 Anti Corruption Awareness

International Associates is committed to doing business legally, ethically and professionally worldwide.  In order to prevent corrupt practices in our business, careful judgment must be exercised when giving and receiving gifts and hospitality.

All Personnel, Contractors, Joint Venture Partners and Third Parties are required to comply with our Anti Corruption Policy, at all times.  
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IA Anti Corruption Awareness 

The Policy prohibits International Associates, its Personnel and Third Parties acting on behalf of the company from offering, paying, promising or authorizing any illegal, corrupt or otherwise improper payments.  It also forbids the company and any associated personnel or third parties from extorting, soliciting, accepting or receiving bribes, kickbacks or other unethical benefits, inducements or payments of “Anything of Value”.

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Our Policy articulates a framework that seeks to go beyond the mere compliance with the law; its spirit is guided by the integrity and professionalism in our decision-making, establishing a set of general principles, which should guide our everyday behaviour wherever we operate in the world.

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